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Situated on the East of Africa, Riven by many deep and stupendous gorges, crowned by high and magnificent mountains, neck laced by a chain of lakes, watered by majestic rivers, studded with burning desert and great escarpments that plunge dawn from its highlands, Ethiopia is a land of wonder and enchantment.

Ethiopia is a land of natural contrast, from the tops of the rugged simien mountains to the depths of the rugged simien mountains to the depths of the Dankil Depression which, at 120 meters below sea level, is one of the lowest dryland points on earth.

Ethiopia like many other African countries is a multi ethnic state. Many distinctions have been blurred by intermarriage over the years but many also remain. There are 200 different dialects. The semitic languages of Ethiopia are related to both Hebrew and Arabic, and derived from Ge’ez, the ecclesiastical language The principle semitic languge spoken in the country is Amharic, Which is also the official language of the modern state.

The southern part of ethiopia gives a visitor a unique exprieance different from the northern part of the country. The road to south ethiopia takes through the Ethiopian Rift valley, which bisects it into two. Along the rift there are a string of about the seven lakes dotting the floor of the valley and rich in fauna and flora lake Zeway, lake langano, lake Abyata, lake Shalla, lake Awassa, lake Abaya and lake Chamo.

The South Eastern part of Ethiopia is known for it’s beautiful national park and a national netwark of cave belive to be about 15 kilometers long. Along the rought to bale there is established trek rought at Adaba and Do dolla. It is heaven for horse riders too and those who want a greater challenge the trkking connects to the Bale mountains park.

To the south west of Ethiopia, in what is known as the lower Omo valley, there are a vast number of ethinic groups at short distance fromeach other. The Omo river,which water the region, empties itself in the Omo and the surrounding region are the Dorze,the Konso, the Tsemai, the Benna, the Ari, the mursi, the Hammer, the Elbore, the Geleb, the Karo, the Bume and the Surma.

In the South West of Ethiopia the most important National park include Netch sar national park Mago National park and Omo National park