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Bekele Molla History

Bekele Molla, receiving the 1970 Haile Sellasie I Prize Thrust Award for Industry.

Bekele Molla Hotels was founded over sixty years ago by the late renowned Ethiopian entrepreneur Bekele Molla who had not a single cent then. He was a bare-footed young boy who totally depended on the financial contributions from his relatives. One day, it happened that he got 16 Birr from his mother in order to be used for his train fare from Dire Dawa to Mojo, where he wanted to rejoin some members of his family. On his way to Mojo, he had to go to the city of Harar before heading for Dire Dawa to take a train… with the 16 birr, …the 12- year old Bekele started selling eggs and chickens. He became an outstanding young trader in the market and distinguished himself as the best poultry merchant. At the age of 16,Bekele had cashed nearly 1000 birr.

In 1942, Bekele Molla started the hotel business in Mojo. Bekele’s chains of hotels and motels continued to bedeck the Ethiopian Rift Valley towns and key resort areas. Bekele Molla was the first Ethiopian to ever construct a string of Hotels from Debrezeit in Central Ethiopia to town at Ethio Kenya cross border Moyalle.

In 1971,the company was awarded with the most prestigious Award in Ethiopia ” the Haile Sellasie the first prize Trust” for the development of hotels and tourism. In 1980, The Gold Mercury Award was bestowed on the company. Today, Bekele Molla Hotels is the largest privately owned hotel chain in Ethiopia with a work force of over 800.It Owns and operates seventeen premises in and out side of Addis.

Ato Bekele passed away in April, 2000 at the age of 87. He is survived by his wife Woizero Asnaketch as well as seven children and over twenty grand children.